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Dreamed in 1995 and established in 2002, Sid and Ginger have hosted tired (sometimes burned-out) Pastors, Pastors' wives, Ministers and Missionaries (from the US and overseas), Christian couples, singles, families, youth groups, church men's groups, women's groups, business groups, single moms, baptisms, birthdays, exhausted young professionals,  stressed-out men and women, family reunions, travelers from other countries, couples in distress, and many more.           This Christian Ministry started in the Dallas area, moved to Alabama in 2003, and came back to Texas in January 2006; started in our home, and NOW expanded to this wonderful 37 ac ranch in Greenville, TX !!
For 19+ years, Sid and Ginger have opened their doors to help, give sanctuary, and to just offer a place of rest and serenity to anyone who would ask.  They share their wisdom in life, family and business, helping people be able to refocus and refresh their choices in life.  We do not charge for this ministry of love, but they gladly accept donations and Offerings.
(214) 773-9101
P. O. Box 500
Pottsboro, TX 75076
E-mail: otr2otr@gmail.com
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